Atheletes Foot Top Tips by William


Having suffered from athletes foot for as long as I can remember, I have finally got rid of it and my feet back. The process started with Lamisil spray which I bought from Keen Pharmacy following a short discussion with the pharmacist. I followed the advice I was given.

Make sure that after washing your feet, they are really dry - having towel-dried, I used a hairdrier as well - and then apply the Lamisil spray.  Do this once or twice a day for up to one week.

Wash your feet daily and dry each time using the hairdrier; I think this made all the difference along with the Lamisil - not only does it mean warm feet in winter but it ensures that your feet are really dry.

On an ongoing basis, if your feet aren't quite dry, use the hairdrier.  Sometimes you may need to just use the Lamisil again for a short period. It keeps it at bay for me.

Other recommendations are to: 

-iron your socks -  totally retentive but apparently fungal spores survive modern low temperature washes and the heat of a iron will destroy them

-wear clean socks every day

Result - happy feet!  It worked for me.


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